Lacing Life and Death

Lacing Life and Death
oil on linen
81.5 x 13”

Meadow Turf
by Janet Lewis

reading by Joan Haas

Goldenrod, strawberry leaf, small                                      
            bristling aster, all,

Loosestrife, knife-bladed grasses,

            lacing their roots, lacing

The life of the meadow into a deep embrace                   
Far underground, and all their shoots,

            wet at the base

With shining dew, dry-crested with sun,

Springing out of a mould years old;

Leaves, living and dead, whose stealing

Odors on the cold bright air shed healing-

Oh, heart, here is your healing, here among

The fragrant living and dead.

Janet Lewis. Poems Old and New 1918-1978. Swallow Press, Ohio University Press, Chicago, IL, 1982 p. 32